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10 Best reputed licensed contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forum Pages - If you ever need new carpet or flooring, book a free estimate with a top tier company you can trust. We have only your benefit in mind, and we are here to give you the best. ..More

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Four Concrete Epoxy Solutions for General Service Floors

Popular industrial contractors - Repair Tech Forums - They offer easy maintenance, low lifecycle cost and exceptional value. Troweled epoxy flooring, like broadcast and slurry systems, involves both epoxy resin and aggregate. Epoxy trowel-down systems are used with great success in operations such as heavy industry, general manufacturing, vehicle and fleet maintenance, air hangars, firehouses and the like. Troweled flooring can be used to resurface degraded slab surfaces, as well as impart strength and impact resistance when a floor is to be subjected to heavy loads, dropped tools, etc. The aggregate in this case is a special, precisely graded blend of coarser media and fines, proprietary to each manufacturer. . Various types of finish coats and toppings are available. The material is combined and blended using a mortar mixer. It is then spread with a screed and either power troweled or hand troweled at a nominal 1/4” thickness ..More

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Epoxy Floor Coatings: Everything You Need to Know

Find emergency contractors - Forums - Helpful Links - . Since these floors are meant to withstand significant foot and cart traffic and other demands, they’re known for being the smart and sustainable option when you need a reliable flooring solution ..More

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Epoxy Floor Paint vs. Epoxy Floor Coatings: Choosing the Best Floor for Your Facility

Locate commercial contractors - Ask Away - Forum Pages - . Call us anytime to get more information about which epoxy floor coating is ideal for your unique facility ..More

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Choosing the Best Computer Server Room Flooring Material

Top 10 Best commercial contractors - Talk To Technicians - Forum - . The right anti-static flooring can provide safe dissipation of electrostatic discharge and effectively reduce the risk of damage to servers, electronic equipment, and most importantly, personnel. The ESD Association recommends that sensitive facilities have a static control program in place, including appropriate grounding equipment and shoes for employees, as well as carefully selected and installed ESD flooring ..More

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